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Hello, I'm Daeyna

I can't wait to connect with wonderful new pastors' wives, just like you. I've been right there beside women in ministry for more than ten years, and I'm excited to help every new pastor's wife I meet. Here I'll give you the support and advice you need to be the best wife you can be. Will you come along with me on this journey? If you want real support and helpful resources, click below to get to know me better and explore what I do at She Is A Message Ministries. Let's work through this transition together so you can thrive in your beautiful new role as a pastor's wife. Welcome!

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What They’re Saying

Your writing is very good and your words were very helpful.  I am thankful that God answered my prayer and let me find your encouraging words. Keep up the good work! And thanks again.

Judy S

I am not a woman but I am very much blessed and inspired by your Godly insight. I love it. Thanks.

Samuel W

I would like to say thank you! I was up at 2 AM wrestling with the thoughts of “failure” as I’ve had horrible thoughts. My life has changed drastically in 3 months. I’ve lost but I’ve gained. I’m still having a hard time holding on to God’s promises. I read your blog post about 4 ways God uses your failure for good. I can’t thank you enough, the post shifted my spirit and gave me hope! I know God could use me, I have to stop focusing on the “how”. His ways are higher than mine however I can’t help but think “ How could God use me?” Surely I don’t have what it takes. Something in me still chooses to believe! My eyes, heart and mouth are open to receive and claim God’s promises for my life! He is good! Thank you again for such an inspirational message! God bless!

Whitney M

Thank you for your blog about giving grace. It was just what I needed! The Lord put on my heart the need to extend grace to a couple of people I had shut out of my life a few years ago. I realize I had been running from the pain and just trying to ignore it. When I googled “How to give grace” your blog showed up. I think you wrote this blog a few years ago, but it was just what I needed! Blessings to you!

Sabrina C

As a pastor’s wife and dealing with folks’ needs, I began looking for a set of new and old songs to go with verses from the Bible. Spur of the moment thinking needs prodding as we get a bit older! Thank you for your contribution!

Suzan T
I wanted to thank you for your most encouraging post about the 4 unbelievable ways God uses our failure for our good. I am going through a time of deep, deep emotional and spiritual pain and humiliation after major failures. It’s been at least 7 years of suffering, regret, and all the sorrow that goes along with recognizing that you have failed God.  I wonder if my pain and shame will ever go away. I find I often believe that God has completely forsaken me. I would welcome your response and the chance to connect with you and be further encouraged. Perhaps I can then be an encourager to others. Thanks again for your post. God bless you richly!!!
Valerie I