Wanted: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes With Kathy Carter Episode 44

Kathy Carter was born with a severe skin disease called ichthyosis (which occurs in 2 out of a million people). In her life, Kathy has suffered a fair amount of teasing, bullying, and isolation as a result of her disease; not only as a child but as an adult as well.

In today’s episode of the She Is A Message podcast, Kathy opens up about her struggles with intense depression and anxiety and being close to suicidal. She talks about how she found herself far from God and how helpless she felt while looking for happiness in all the wrong places. She also shares how she learned that she was indeed wanted by God and why we should start seeing ourselves through God’s eyes.

In this interview, she forces us to ask ourselves the question: “Do you believe God means what He says?” If you do, then there are some amazing lessons that Kathy would like to share with you.


Wanted: Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes With Kathy Carter Episode 44


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • Growing up with ichthyosis and how this diagnosis affected her emotional and physical interactions with others. 
  • Her lowest points and biggest struggles, and how God has helped her to overcome those struggles. 
  • How God pursued her and placed specific people and experiences in her life to bring through the roughest patches in her life. 
  • Dealing with depression and abortion, and the toll this took on her mental and physical health. 
  • How she learned to stop seeing herself as others saw her and learned to see herself through the eyes of God. 
  • The best piece of advice that she would give to anyone going through anxiety and depression. 
  • Her go-to bible verse and the impact this piece of scripture has had on her life, and the message God has given her to share with others.


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Remember, no matter what kind of mess you have been, in that heart of yours lies a powerful message and the world needs to hear it!


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