Moving From Sinking Sand To Higher Ground With Dana Hagstrom Episode 43

Dana’s life has not been ideal, to say the least. For over a decade she remained in a traumatic first marriage and eventually became the survivor of said marriage that nearly broke her spirit. 

In today’s episode of the She Is A Message podcast, Dana opens up about her journey of going from a broken marriage to becoming a published author and coach with her husband in Mexico. Dana has learned how to turn passion into profit and help others find the gold mines within themselves. She is also passionate about helping the time-starved entrepreneur, and she has put together a time management tool used in conjunction with her P.L.A.N. formula for keeping a time balanced life.

Though she has been through a lot, not once did she lose her trust in God and her relationship with Jesus continues to blossom every day.


Moving From Sinking Sand To Higher Ground With Dana Hagstrom Episode 43


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • Her painful first marriage and what that experience was like for her. 
  • Her biggest struggles and the lessons God taught her through those experiences. 
  • What her relationship with her first husband taught her about her relationship with God. 
  • Her personal testimony of finding Jesus Christ and how having him in her life has helped her to face any challenges that come her way. 
  • The best piece of advice that she would give to anyone who is going through or has gone through a hard time. 
  • Her go-to bible verses and how they have helped her to keep moving forward in the midst of rough times. 
  • What her life looks like right now and what God has been doing in her life.


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Remember, no matter what kind of mess you have been, in that heart of yours lies a powerful message and the world needs to hear it!


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