Is God’s Grace Sufficient For Me? Episode 36

What does it mean when the bible says God’s grace is sufficient? And is God’s grace truly enough for sinners like us? 

In today’s episode, I talk about a recent experience I had with a friend that led me to these very questions. I also open up about some of the bad decisions I’ve made in the past that led me to believe that I was unforgivable and unredeemable.

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Is God’s Grace Sufficient For Me?


Things I talked about in this episode:

  • What does 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9 actually mean? 
  • The mistakes I made that led me to question if God’s grace was enough for my sins. 
  • The two main reasons I believe that God’s grace is truly sufficient for us regardless of our past. 
  • The main lies that the devil keeps telling us to get us to doubt the power of God’s grace. 
  • Why God chooses to save the seemingly unsavable and what that means for us. 
  • Encouragement for those who believe that they are unredeemable and unrestorable. 


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