Be A Podcast Guest


So you wanna join the mess and share your message as a guest on the She Is A Message podcast?

Awesome! Here is what you need to know:

I’m looking for guests who fall into any (or all) of the following categories:


Is this you?

⇏You come from a negative/bad background but have managed to create a great life for yourself OR

⇏You’ve made bad decisions/ messed up your life in the past but managed to turn things around in a big way OR

⇏Due to your past you were written off or on a downhill path to ruin but still managed to turn your life around OR

⇏ You’ve been diagnosed with/cope with an illness on a daily basis OR

⇏ You’ve experienced a tragedy that has hanged the course of your life forever OR

⇏ You’ve struggled with an eating disorder and are recovering (or have recovered) OR

⇏ Your life has been filled with highs and lows, wins and losses, love and betrayal.


If you check ANY of these boxes then I’d love to have you on my show She Is A Message.


On this podcast, though we talk about our struggles and difficulties (the mess), we also focus on the lessons and ah-hah moments (the message) that we’ve learned along the way, so we can share our stories and help change the lives of others.

I’m all about inspiring other women to become the best versions of themselves and to show them no matter how bad their past might have been, they can still create an amazing future and life for themselves.


She Is A Message isn’t about being the best speaker, teacher or best storyteller. It’s about sharing our paths (and lives) with others no matter how small the mess or experience might seem.


So if you are ready to embrace the mess that was (or is), share your message, and use your voice to help others, clickity click the button below and let’s get started.

Because even though we’re all a total mess in one way or another, in that heart of yours lies a powerful message and the world needs to hear it.



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