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I’m Daeyna (Dee) Jackson and welcome to She Is A Message.

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After my divorce, I thought my life was over. I went from living the fairytale life to full-blown depression, anxiety and being suicidal. I hit rock bottom, literally, and found myself in a mess of a situation. I was making mistake after mistake, making bad decision after bad decision and it felt like there was just no way out. I was lost, confused and hopeless.

Thankfully that wasn’t the end of my story. After seven years of trying, getting even more lost and failing, getting help and lots of praying, I’ve finally been able to turn my life around. It wasn’t easy at all but it was s worth it. I now believe it is my mission to help other women just like me turn their messy lives into powerful messages.

Through this ministry, I wanna encourage and inspire you to change your life regardless of your present (or past) circumstances. Let me help you find your unique voice (because we all have one), build your confidence and be bold as heaven in your life.

My mess became my message and I know the same thing can happen for you.

You are never too broken, too messed up, too far-gone, too anything for God to clean you up and transform your life.

If God can use a liar, thief, adulterer, suicidal, broken doll, like me to change lives and create real impact, He can more than use you too.

On my podcast, She Is A Message, I feature stories of women who have been through their own mess and are now turning their messy lives into powerful messages of hope, faith and redemption. So give it a listen because I know there is something there for you too. There is at least ONE story that will change the way you see your life. I promise.

I’m even opening up and sharing skeletons from my own closet and past along with the lessons I’ve learned from those mistakes because I’m here to let you know that I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve been hurt, and done things I’m not proud of but I’ve come back from that and so can you.

I believe in you and your story.

I believe in the life you were always meant to have.

I believe in you.

-All the love in the world,


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